Roofing is one of the leading organizations involved in our products, including Roofing Structure, Residential Roofing, Metal Roof and many more, as a manufacturer and supplier and service provider. Our services have found applications in different industries and commercial sectors. We believe in providing the client with good service and receiving repeated instructions from him. We have built a wide list of customers with our service excellence and years of industrial experience and give them their varied selection of services as per their demands.

Our customers are our number one priority at Roofing Service and we go the extra mile to make sure they are fully happy. We are completely prepared to handle even the most difficult projects with this service and stand by the outstanding nature of our work.

Roofing Service is here to assist when you're looking for high quality jobs. To include a wide variety of personalized solutions, our team of professionals is open, all guaranteed to meet and exceed standards. We are factory sheds, industrial sheds, sports clubs sheds, badminton court sheds, godown sheds, puf panel sheds, pre-engineered steel houses, prefabricated buildings, prefabricated sheds and many more manufacturers and service providers. We also provide our valued customers with manufacturing services. We also offer our valued customers fabrication services and roofing shed work services. We provide a wide range of roofing solutions that meet the needs of individual businesses and consumers. Our roofing is made of the finest raw materials that provide stronger strength, better quality and better protection.

At industry leading prices, we hold the best goods best suited to competitive budget customers. We provide products made of genuine material that, requiring minimal maintenance, make them durable and sustainable for a longer period.


There are several options for a home or apartment that has a rooftop terrace, including an incredible view. There are plenty of different designs that you can use to decorate your living room outdoors. Add some gardens, a fireplace, chairs for the lounge and even a dining room.. Your room can be calming if you have an area surrounded by nature-think romantic candlelit dinners and string lights.


Due to the material's outstanding toughness, design flexibility and low lifecycle costs, metal roofing is a staple of the commercial roofing market. More and more commercial, industrial and small building owners prefer metal roofing for a portion or the whole roofing assembly, such as banks, schools, restaurants, warehouses, distribution centres, etc.

Our Metal roofing and wall panels are a perfect low-maintenance solution that provides efficiency of the commercial standard while also improving the building's aesthetics. Baker Roofing has the ability and experience to produce panels on site for certain projects and/or manufacture them at our local factory, Peak Metal Goods, to be shipped to the work site, having produced sheet metal for over 100 years.

Our Metal roofing panels tend to be easier to install and allow versatility in design, which is a desirable choice for most owners of commercial buildings; saving time on installation and having the option to modify the structure to suit particular design needs.

There are a range of materials, colours and gauges in our on-site sheet metal shop to provide owners with the opportunity to design their building to meet aesthetic requirements.


In terms of the standard both need, including needed materials and equipment, commercial and residential roofing are identical. Our Commercial roofing projects, however, are sometimes larger and need more workers and materials than residential projects, and often need larger equipment to do the job.

You can rest easy when you hire Roofing to complete your commercial roofing project, knowing that you are in the hands of a professional roofing contractor with several years of industry experience. Roofing prioritizes protection from the initial evaluation to the final day of completion and ensures that each part of the project is completed with the utmost quality and craftsmanship.

Since no two buildings are exactly the same, it is important that specialized techniques are used to design, build, and install the roof. We want each roof we build to last as long as possible here at Roofing, and that's why we conduct detailed tests on day one to ensure that we recommend the best options. We have been a pioneer in making roofs last for many years to come, thanks to our extensive years of experience in the local roofing industry.


We are engaged in providing Warehouse Roofing Service, riding on inscrutable quantities of industrial knowledge. We provide these facilities which are capable of serving our customers according to their various requirements. Customers will use the service provided by us at a reasonable price point. Our team of experts uses polycarbonate of premium quality to manufacture roofing structures in different locations, such as factories, greenhouses, shops and other commercial places.

If you run your company from a warehouse, then you probably know how much effect your warehouse's importance could have on your profits. It may be useful for your company to clean the warehouse, but it is a highly skilled task.

Cleaning the outside of your warehouse is likely to work far more cost-effectively than other solutions, which may involve re-cladding or painting the frame.

It is not an easy job to clean a factory, but an expert cleaning company can do light work on the assignment. To reach the maximum height of the structure, professional building cleaning companies will have the requisite equipment.

It is of critical importance that the right approach to the job of cleaning the cladding and other materials is taken while cleaning a warehouse or other industrial premises.


We have an immense variety of commercial roofing facilities for our valued customers. The services rendered are provided by our trained practitioners in compliance with industry standards. The promptness and reliability of our provided services are widely valued in the industry. In addition, at industry-leading rates, employers can use us for these services.